A nice head on it

The low that will being strong winds to Ireland has a lovely comma shaped cap of high cloud around it at 45N 18W at 0945 UTC this morning. The shield of medium and upper cloud is casting quite a shadow in the shallow sun of December. It’s also noticeable that there’s quite a large eye like clear area of cloud to its south. The low will continue to deepen according to the ECMWF model during today, bottoming out at about 971 hPa at 18 UTC, before steadily filling as it continues to track N’NE across western Scotland during Wednesday, isn’t science wonderful.

The mean SSE’ly winds in the ARPEGE model are still forecast to be severe gale force through the Irish sea but Met Eireann seem quite content at the moment to sit this one out, hoping that their yellow alert is sufficient to cover the winds it will generate, so it looks like this is not going to be storm Bella.

I wonder if the Great Oz will add a warning for South Uist for Wednesday afternoon? – I very much doubt it.

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