A proclivity to use the word “cool”

As we head into autumn we are constantly being bombarded by the term cool by weathercasters on TV rather than them using the word cold. Tomasz Schafernaker has even gone so far as to rename cold fronts cool fronts, and the recent change in temperature in the last few days is of course because things are turning much cooler and not turning colder. You can’t seem to feel temperature anymore these days so weathercasters are always adding the fact that it will feel much cooler due to the strength of the wind. Cool should only be used as a descriptive term for temperature during summer and should be banned from the vocabulary in any other season. Yesterday for instance the mean temperature across the northwest would have been best described as rather cold, in contrast to the mean temperature across the southeast where they were still rather warm. Can you imagine Mr ‘cool front’ Schafernaker ever using the term rather cold and conforming to a standard set of terminology for temperature? I very much doubt it. This set of terms was laid down over sixty years ago by the Met Office, in an effort to avoid confusion with the general public, if only weathercasters would conform to it and not do what the hell they liked.

Courtesy of the UKMO
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