A rather gloomy October

Gloomy is such a great word, and sadly according to Google falling into disuse over the years. It almost sounds when you say it what you’re trying to describe, and that’s what October 2020 was – rather gloomy. It came as quite a surprise when I looked at the sunshine totals for October 2020 across IONA how low they had been. According to my figures the sunniest places where in the west especially across Ireland, with Cork topping the list with 126 hours. The Highlands were desperately gloomy, with Loch Glascarnoch only reporting 32 hours of bright sunshine. Surprisingly totals further south weren’t a great deal higher with the AWS at Heathrow only recording a total of just over 52 hours. This could well have been one of the gloomiest Octobers since 1968, possibly due to the natural variations in both climate and circulation patterns, but more probably due to global warming but don’t quote me on that.

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