A reversal of fortunes

Courtesy of wxcharts.com

The weathercasters on TV have not stopped going on about the strong signals for high pressure this coming week, well we might have to wait till later in the weekend before we see any real benefits from it, especially if you live in the south. Louise Lear had earlier said at 9.55 AM on the BBC News channel that the high would be coming in from the west, not if you believe the midnight run of the ECMWF hi-res model which has the high coming in from the north, before slipping quickly into the continent and introducing a strong easterly flow across England and Wales by Friday. Having said that the ECMWF model does clear the area of rain across southern areas westward, and then it should be blue skies with a taste of spring by day, but with the risk of some frost by night.

At long last the Met Office have finally modified their long range forecast to reflect the reality of the situation. For most of the last two months they had been pushing out the same promise of the possibility of high pressure across the south, what it lacks in clarity it certainly makes up for with imprecision, here it is for what it’s worth.

Courtesy of the Met Office
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