A sense of proportion

A lot of weather going on this afternoon (pardon my use of weather presenter parlance) but whatever NWP model the BBC are using it doesn’t seem to be matching the reality of the situation at the moment. Conditions on low ground across Scotland are bad enough now, but on the mountains they must be particularly bad with the freezing level down at around 2500 feet. Wind speeds are starting to ramp up (there I go again) and there are an increasing number of stations reporting gusts of over 50 mph with 60 knot gusts (69 mph) at both Mallin and Mace head in Ireland.

Courtesy of the BBC

It’s good to see that Susan Powell is keeping a cool head and a sense of proportion about what’s important down at the BBC. But for her information the rain is falling from convective cloud and not frontal cloud as far as I know. The whole country is covered in convective cumulonimbus cloud, with heavy showers that are sometimes clumping together into active troughs such as the one’s over Scotland and southwest England. The tops of the cumulonimbus look quite cold judging by the infrared image that I’ve overlaid over the visual image at 14 UTC.

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