A shock to the system

Courtesy BBC

You know winter has finally arrived when the BBC weathercasters drag out that old ‘Feels Like’ chart for the colder weather this coming weekend. They only ever seem to display the old ‘Feels Like’ chart when it gets a bit nippy in the southeast – funny that. It’s been cold for quite a while up north and I never saw it once, but to be fair temperatures in the south have had a bit of a roller coaster ride this winter, with spells of very mild weather interspersed with short lived cold spells, so this one will come as a bit of a shock to the system. The easterlies that’ll deliver this cold spell look set to last only till the middle of next week before winds veer back into the southwest or so the models reckon so you’d better make the most of that snow on Sunday. Here are the wind chill (JAG) values for 14 UTC this afternoon across the north.

And here’s a detailed analysis of hourly temperatures at Heathrow since the start of the meteorological winter showing that roller coaster temperature ride.

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