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Meteogroup and their team of weathercasters down at the BBC seem to have a lot of difficulty getting the message across that it remains much colder across northern parts than it is further south. Here, the cold weather, which set in shortly after Christmas, is still stubbornly resisting the milder weather that’s trying to advance up from the southwest. They did the same thing during early January when they refused to acknowledge or display severe weather warnings of snow and ice from the UKMO almost dismissing the cold weather across northern parts (If you want proof just go back though some of the blogs I made). Someone seems to have given them a bit of a pep talk about national severe weather warnings, but they seem to have gone on the offensive again insisting that the whole country be tarred with the same “It’s getting much milder brush“. So I’ve devised a simple test for the weathercasters at the BBC and the forecasters at Meteogroup HQ with the aid of a couple of meteograms.

Can you tell which meteogram is for London and which one is for Inverness?

ECMWF Meteogram
Courtesy of windy.com

Can you see the difference? Then you’re halfway there. All you have to do now is say it as it in your forecasts – that at least for the time being – it’s much colder in the north than it is in the much milder south.

Although it’s never been desperately cold across the north of Scotland this winter, the cold has been remarkably persistent since Christmas. Here’s an analysis of temperatures at Aviemore so far this winter as an example of what I mean. The last time temperatures exceeded 10°C here was on the 18th of December.

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