A surfeit of H₂O in Scotland this summer

Summer 2019 in scotland was the wettest on record. How this bit of news past me by, especially as we now live in Scotland and endured it I will never know! The gridded rainfall data from the Met Office reveals that summer 2019 [JJA] was the wettest in a series that extends back to 1910. It won’t come as much of a shock to people who live here but when its our first summer back up here since 1994 it did make my wife and I think about the halcyon days that we spent in Devon.

The record reveals that in Scotland as a whole there was 457.2 mm of rain, which believe it or not is exactly 18″of rain, and 158% of the long-term average for the months of June, July and August. As well as being the wettest summer of the whole series it was also the wettest summer since 1985 in the country.

As you can probably see from the graph, although the 10 year moving average has been increasing since 2000, the linear trend for the whole series only indicates a very slight increase in summer rainfall.

If you were wondering where the title came from check this link.

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