A tale of three warnings

I have never seen a warning specifically issued for the Shetland Isles before, and that includes strong winds, but the Met Office in their wisdom decided to issue one specifically for them for just 20 to 30 mm of heavy rain yesterday evening. This seems decidedly odd when they often ignore the strong winds and gales that occur there. Why an hour’s heavy rain is more important than strong winds when they get almost fifty inches of the stuff a year beats me. In the end Lerwick got just over ten millimeters of rain overnight (till 06 UTC), with little if anything in the way of lightning (although the UK map Blitzortung display does just clip them out) perhaps the heavy rainfall arrived a little bit later than expected. The science of NWP modelling has a long way to go with regard to forecasting thunderstorms and lightning, and yesterday was another case in point, with the warnings that supposedly picked out the thunderstorm prone areas staying largely clear of them.

Lerwick Observations
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