A touch of sour grapes

I have just been reading the Winter and February climate statistics article from the UKMO and I found one interesting comment the UKMO made regarding the winter sunshine figures for the UK.

Courtesy UKMO.

Scotland and Northern Ireland have come close to expectations for sunshine during the season, and the far north of the Scottish mainland, and Shetland have had a much sunnier winter than average with Shetland reaching 154% of average (130.9 hours), but due to its northerly location that is still fewer total hours than much of the rest of the UK.


I might be way over sensitive to the north south divide that exists at least in the media regarding the weather and climate of the UK, but I did find it a slightly odd comment to make at the end of a sentence about the northern Isles being the sunniest place in the UK this winter. I detect a slight whiff of sour grapes about it. Why for goodness sake didn’t they just come out and say – It’s been a bit sunny up there, but don’t worry, there was more sunshine nearly everywhere than up there this winter, it’s just another blip in those annoying anomaly statistics. It’s also interesting to see there’s a sunshine hotspot anomaly evident for the whole winter overhead Kinloss which I remarked about yesterday. I wonder what the sunshine anomaly chart for February itself will look like?

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