Absolutely glorious day

Despite a temperature of only 7°C at lunchtime, it felt just like a summers day in the garden up here, in strong sunshine and only light winds. The only reason I know that is because Mrs Xmetman decided to cut and strim the lawn for the first time this year, so out of guilt I thought I would offer a hand and get the lawn mower started. Tain on the Dornoch Firth and just a few miles to the east has remained stubbornly cloudy all day. Temperature anomalies at 12 UTC were between three and five degrees below normal for this time of year in the north and down the east coast of England, but still slightly above average in the far southwest. It made a nice to see that Shoeburyness was cloudy for a change.

12 UTC anomalies

The freezing level looks to be at around 2,000 feet across the north of Scotland at the moment, with overnight temperatures in the cloud on Cairngorm flattening out at around -8°C, which is cold for the middle of April. I notice the dewpoint there has dropped at 13 UTC as drier air is starting to feed into central Scotland as the winds back west of north as the day has progressed and subsidence starts to break up the sheet of SC (base around 4,000 feet). It could be a very cold night across the north, doing a quick McKenzie on Loch Glascarnoch (max 6°C dewpoint -5°C) which could easily give you -5°C if it stays clear and winds remain light, unfortunately I see that warm air is already riding around the top of high Nikolas already and the night may end up rather cloudy.

Cairngorm Thermograph
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