All quiet on the western front

Courtesy of the NHC

Is the tropical cyclone season in the north Atlantic just taking a breather or is that it for this year?

The North Atlantic tropical cyclone season in 2020 looks like it’s taking a well earned breather at the moment. In the last week, it’ almost as if someone has turned the tap off in the flow in easterly waves pulsating westward out of west Africa. These easterly waves are responsible for 60% of tropical cyclone activity, they have a 3 to 4 day period and they propagate westward from West Africa towards the tropical North Atlantic basin and the Caribbean Sea. At the moment the accumulated ACE index for this season is still well above average for the end of September, so it will be very interesting to see if and when these easterly waves restart and we see another batch of would be hurricanes develop in the Atlantic during October. Don’t ask me why these tropical waves are also known as easterly waves when the waves themselves are moving westward. Here’s a Gantt chart look at how busy 2020 tropical cyclone season has been so far in the North Atlantic.

Here’s a map with the provisional tracks of all this years tropical cyclones so far.

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