An odd way of putting it

Courtesy of the BBC

I wouldn’t have described how the cold northerlies will extend down the North Sea early on Tuesday in the same rather odd way that Darren Bett did on the BBC News channel this morning, saying that the “That milder, cloudy, wetter weather will push its way southwards during the evening and overnight”, it sounds like it’s a warm front pushing down from the north rather than a cold one. I think he maybe got it wrong but was quick enough to side step the mistake it being the composite profesional that he is. But at least he did manage to very briefly mention the snow across the northeast of Scotland on Monday – which is more than the shift that was on yesterday did.

2 thoughts on “An odd way of putting it”

  1. Quite ironic for a post drawing attention to “balls-ups” that you refer to consummate professional Darren Bett as a “composite profesional”. Those in glass houses etc…

    1. He makes few mistakes, and I find it difficult to catch him out,which is as it should be since he’s been doing it since 1994.

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