Analysis – 0900 UTC

Here is my simplified analysis of this morning 09 UTC plotted chart and if you saw the official version it is very simple in comparison! We did have some snow briefly here first thing in Ross-shire but that’s now been chased up the hill as milder air rushes in from the southwest behind the occluding frontal system. Temperatures in the warm sector as you can see across England and Wales are around 12°C, but much colder over northeast Scotland. Pressure falls ahead of the low are at a rate of 13 hPa in three hours as it continues to deepen. The most striking thing about the chart though are the wind gusts (in knots) being reported from just about every station in IONA apart from those in northeast Scotland at the moment. A few of the gusts in Lincolnshire are already in excess of 60 mph with higher to come.

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