Annual 2020 awards for windiest days

It is hard to believe that the place with the highest number of wettest days in the WMO block #03 during 2020 is also top of the list of the highest gust in a day too. And so Capel Curig the Snowdonia wind tunnel makes off with the windiest day award to complement the one it got for wettest days. The odd thing about Capel Curig is that although it’s an inland site, it dominates a list made up of mainly coastal sites. Maybe because the AWS is at 216 M amsl I should have lowered my filter below 500 M where I set it, but it’s as much the local topography and funneling as it is the height. So if you like it wet and windy Capel Curig is the place for you! I would have also liked to enhance the bar chart by adding a layer that highlighted the named storms of 2020 but maybe next time.

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  1. Interesting to see Plymouth Mt Batten does not figure. It is very exposed to the SW but not quite as exposed as Culdose I guess. Often it is a close thing as to which has the highest gust. Usually Culdrose just wins.

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