Another addition to my list of euphemisms

Courtesy of the BBC

You can always depend on Louise Lear to come up with some cracking new euphemisms for words that have effectively been banned on BBC weather forecasts. One of these words is cold. Yesterday Louise described temperatures across the country has being a little subdued for the time of year. Not cold, that would never do, especially when global heating is so much in vogue. The word cold has become a bit like He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named in the Harry Potter books these days, temperatures can be described as really struggling, disappointing, chilly, for God sake they’ve even renamed the cold front, but whatever you do DON’T mention the word cold in your forecasts.
I’m afraid that anomalies of yesterday’s maximum temperatures don’t support that, it was rather cold in most places apart from western Ireland, the southwest coast of Wales and parts of the Vale of York and east Yorkshire. Perhaps these weathercasters can get therapy before winter arrives in earnest.

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