Another example of Scotia Myopia from Meteogroup

Courtesy of the BBC

I can only think that the Scotia Myopia disorder is so endemic amongst BBC weathercasters that it can only originate from the briefings they receive from the Chief forecaster at Meteogroup HQ in London. The overnight rainfall and flooding from severe thunderstorms across Edinburgh and eastern Scotland didn’t even merit a mention in Sarah Keith-Lucas headlines in this morning’s BBC weather forecast, which comprised of yet another explanation of what a tropical night is (thank you very much Chris Fawkes for that), an update on the heatwave and the fact that some places haven’t seen any rain in two weeks. It’s possibly because today’s headlines were written yesterday by someone cloistered up in the London HQ of Meteogroup. She did go on to mention the flooding in passing in her forecast, but I am sure it wouldn’t have taken much effort to have fitted in an extra bullet point about how many place in Fife received over a month’s worth of rain in just six hours last night, but because Fife is nowhere the southeast of England that never gets a mention.

I wonder how long it will be before BBC weather forecasts revert to live broadcasting during the day rather than relying on repeatedly playing a taped forecast prepared at either 9 am and 2 pm? Perhaps this is the new norm down at BBC, and that the COVID19 crisis has given the BBC the opportunity to shrink the number of weathercasters on shift. Eventually a fast moving weather event will catch them out, as it almost did in yesterday’s afternoon taped forecast of NWP graphics missing the first thunderstorms popping over eastern Scotland, not that anyone would have noticed or done anything about it, because after all it’s not the southeast.

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