Another glorious day – for most

Darren Bett would do well to check out the temperature at Aviemore (14.5°C at 12 UTC) at the heart of the Highlands this afternoon before going on air, and spouting off about how the warmest places today will be across western parts of Scotland. In contrast the cold pool of sub 528 dm air is giving the southeast another cold afternoon with showers. Midday temperature anomalies are between -3°C and -5°C across East Anglia and the south. I’m laying it on rather thick about the wonderful sunny weather and glorious blue skies we’re having across Scotland at present for two reasons (a) the NWP guidance has been completely wrong over the last ten days about the weather across Scotland this week, and (b) on Sunday the BBC will be gushing about how good the weather is in the south as it clouds up from the northwest.

2 thoughts on “Another glorious day – for most”

  1. ‘Spouting’ ? If the BBC say what you foresee on Sunday, then they’ll be summing it up fairly well, I’d say (unless the forecast changes). How has the NWP output been inaccurate for N Scotland recently?

    1. This last Monday was one instance
      The other was the rain that’s now forecast for Sunday was much quicker and in earlier runs was expected to affect our part of the world late on Saturday.
      Although there will be rain on Sunday, it now looks like the main frontal band and the worst of the rain now looks likely on Monday.

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