Another magic snow and ice warning that only becomes valid after 17 UTC

Courtesy UKMO

The rain, sleet and snow is proving a little bit stubborn to die out across parts of northern England this afternoon. Much of the precipitation looks to be of snow even on low ground across North Yorkshire as the observation from Leeming will attest, here’s a webcam image from Harrogate in evidence. But don’t worry the Met Office have it covered though with one of their trusty yellow warnings for snow and ice, the only trouble is that it doesn’t come into force till 17 UTC. Why do they continually do this with these warnings for snow and ice when temperatures in some place have remaining close to or below freezing all day? Obviously there must be some science that says it can’t freeze till after sunset for some reason. I’m sure that the great Oz will try and brazen it out thill 17 UTC, even though Stav Danaos also noticed it in the lunchtime forecast assuring us it would soon die out.

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