Another snow warning miss

As anticipated the yellow hourglass shaped warning of snow that was updated this morning never extended far enough north into northern Scotland. Here in Strathpeffer (40 M amsl) it’s been snowing moderately since before 6 pm and it’s readily lying, on a day when temperatures never rose very much above freezing. Even if we had been in the warning area it was only forecast to add 2 to 5 cms of snow on ground above 200 M amsl. So this particular warning fails on two counts (a) because the area’s doesn’t extend far enough north (b) the forecast is wrong because it shouldn’t be snowing and lying below 200 M amsl, which it is. One of the main reasons I think they got it wrong is because they underestimated just how cold a day it’s been up here in the north today, something Meteogroup have been guilty of lately too.

The extent of the snow
Maximum temperatures
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