Another “touch of frost” in Scotland as temperatures dip to -6.9°C at Aboyne

I can’t find any evidence on iPlayer of yesterday’s evening weather forecast at the end of the news presented by Nick Miller, so you’ll have to take my word for it, suffice it to say he did mention that there would be probably a “touch of frost” in Scotland. Another slight understatement from someone who I thought was one of the good guys. The -6.9°C at Aboyne is borderline severe frost, yes it’s a rural location, but strangely enough people do call it home. They too have gardens, greenhouses and plant vegetables and wee flowers just like the folk down south do, but none of the “gardeners beware there’s a frost about” kind of advice from Nick on this occasion as he did last week. I fully realise at times they may have less than a couple of minutes to cover the whole of the UK, it’s probably because I’m new to this kind of disregard we get from the BBC, Meteogroup and Met Office in weather forecasts for Scotland, which most people up here either can’t see, or have switched off to years ago.

I can now understand why the chap that runs the Highland & Islands Weather Facebook page has now over 105,000 followers across the area. He cares about this part of the world, and even though his forecasts are too dissimilar to the ones being dished out by the likes of the Met Office or the BBC, people up here really appreciate that.

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