Another wet 24 hours in Scotland

Heavy rain across western Scotland often goes without much notice in the media, but not while I live here and am knocking out this blog! Yesterday (7th December) was if anything wetter than Friday (the 6th December) if my rainfall estimates from weather radar are anything to go by. There are plenty of purple pixels indicating over 100 mm of rain in the 24 hours ending 06 UTC this morning, and the hyetograph for Beinn Sgritheall show 131.5 mm in around 18 hours.

The Met Office were very wise to have issued a yellow warning for heavy rain for what it was worth for yesterday. This time I can’t give them full marks. I would say that judging by the hyetograph trace that their totals of 60-80 mm where much too low even allowing for the fact that the warning period was only 12 hours. Also, the area looks like it should have extended a lot further north than just Ullapool.

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