April 2020 Temperature anomalies northeast quarter-sphere

I don’t know if northeast quarter-sphere is the proper way to describe the approximate extent of the temperature anomaly chart I’ve concocted for April 2020 below, but it’s the only one I can think of this Sunday morning in lockdown mode. What I really want is a term that describes the eastern half of the northern hemisphere – imagine the globe cut in half at the equator and then sliced in half again down from the pole down along longitude 90W and 90E. I’m sure there ought to be a technical name for it, and if there isn’t there ought to be, and maybe quarter-sphere is the way to go.

Colder than average air persisted, as it has done for much of the winter, across the central Atlantic and in a belt NE through the Norwegian Sea to the Barents Sea for much of the month (-1 to -2°C). A plume of warm air from Africa supported anomalies of +3°C across central France, whilst for a change, western Russia was cold (-3°C). That goes for much of North America where a cold pool with anomalies of -5°C dominated proceedings centred west of the Great Lakes. The unusual warmth persisted across Baffin Bay with anomalies of +7°C, answers on a postcard about exactly what’s been going on here recently. Here are links to previous monthly anomaly charts this year:-

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