April 2021 – Weather Summary

Images and raw data courtesy of UKMO

Two brown, two blue and an orange anomaly charts for April indicate that it’s been very dry, rather cold and a very sunny month. If the weather for the rest of 2021 continues in the same vein as it did in April, then I’m sure we’ll be in for a very interesting year ahead. I don’t know how the Met Office generate these anomaly charts so quickly, in the past you might have to wait to the fourth of the month before they appeared, perhaps these days their a product that’s generated by the NWP model. Here’s a closer look at the gridded data for the UK as a whole. I still can’t quite believe that April 2021 topped April 2020 for sunshine – what is happening to the weather in April?

3 thoughts on “April 2021 – Weather Summary”

  1. Rather surprisingly – at least to me – presented a slightly extended forecast this lunchtime in which he started with the stats for last month!
    He went onto include satellite imagery and described the temperatures in the coming week as cold rather than “disappointing”.
    Well done Darren!

    1. I can use any LTA period, but I like to stick with the 1961-1990 because that’s the one the Met Office use if for CET, and as far as I know is the one still recommended by the WMO.
      If you think that 1961-1990 is old the Berkeley & GISTemp global temperatures still use the 1951-1980 LTA for their anomalies.

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