Arctic sea ice minimum for 2019-20 second lowest on record

I might be jumping the gun a bit here, but it looks to me like Arctic sea ice extent might have bottomed out on the 11th of September in conclusion of the 2019-20 season. Hopefully the extent won’t suddenly drop again and leave me with more egg on my face, but because so few people read what I write anyway it will make very little difference. The average date of the minimum in the Arctic is the 12th of September so I should be safe enough. The minimum extent in 2019-20 was 3.745 million square kilometres which was less than 60% of the LTA. This made it the second lowest extent of the satellite era, behind the 2011-12 season, and a massive 426,000 square kilometers lower than last years minimum. Interestingly the latest 365 day moving average of Arctic sea ice extent is not the lowest on record, that occurred in late 2017.

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