Arctic sea ice not keeping to the script

The 2019-20 Arctic sea ice extent on the 29th of August was the second lowest on record. It was significantly 0.284 million square kilometers lower that at the same time last year, but Arctic sea ice continues in not keeping to the script that many had already written for it and challenge the record low season of 2011-12, which in comparison was a massive 0.674 million square kilometers lower than this seasons. On average the minimum in the Arctic occurs on the 12th of September so there’s still a couple more weeks of melting, and there’s the additional complication of the Polarstern knocking seven bells out of the ice floes around the North Pole at the moment! Don’t you just hate it when you can’t claim that this years Arctic sea ice minimum is the lowest on record to coincide with this year being globally the warmest on record, another much anticipated record which also looks far from a done deal at the present time. Who’d be a climate scientist?

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