Are dangers from icy roads greater than those of a thunderstorm?

Courtesy of Met Office

Good call from the Met Office this morning regarding the thunderstorm warning they issued for parts of the southwest. The warning they issued was ostensibly for thunderstorms, but did include strong winds, hail and the occasional kitchen sink thrown in. It did make me wonder what the actual dangers were from thunderstorms and icy roads. This morning in Grampian, particularly Deeside, showers have been falling on frozen surfaces after an overnight frost, just as they did yesterday in Easter Ross. I would say that because of the size of region affected, especially by glazed (black) ice, the risk of accidents is just if not more dangerous than those from lightning or from hail covering the road. Of course you have to consider impacts, in this regard a large percentage of the people of Grampian (~525,000) could have been affected by that risk, and in my opinion a yellow warning for ice should have been issued. In the past local authorities would have been issued with warnings from the regional weather centre, but what happened when they closed?

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