August 2020 – temperature anomalies

I am still struggling to give this specific area of the globe I use in the above chart a name. It more or less covers one quadrant (if that is the right word) of the whole globe from 90° west to 90° east from 20° north to 75° north. The anomaly chart puts the heatwave in Europe during August into context with mean anomalies 2.4°C above the 1981-2010 LTA centred across the northeast of Germany. Anomalies across the central Atlantic remained slightly below average, most likely due to the SST also being below average. Greenland remained colder than average, as did the area around the Caspian sea. There were large positive anomalies of 7°C in the Kara Sea in the Arctic, and 4°C in Baffin Bay and 3°C in the Hudson Bay.
I was just looking back at anomalies around IONA for the last 12 months to see if I could see any kind of recurring theme, but despite a lot of doodling I couldn’t. For some reason I was under the distinct impression that many months in the last year had been similar to August i.e. colder than average across the northwest and warmer than average across the southeast. Although it is noticeable that the eastern fringe of this chart has never been cold, and more often than not warmer than average.

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