Azores high moves north for the spring

In the first two weeks of April the Azores has been rent in two by lower than average pressure at 40N 50W (-12 hPa) and the northern half of what was left of it pushed 1200 miles N’NE to lie a little way of the coast of Ireland. Meanwhile lower than average anomalies of -16 hPa to the north of Norway have produced an anticyclonic mean northwesterly flow across IONA since the start of the month. This explains the rather cold April we’ve experienced so far, the much higher than average number of frosts and paucity of rain across the southeast.

2 thoughts on “Azores high moves north for the spring”

  1. Its not just the SE that has had little rain this month. Here in West Wiltshire we have only had around 1mm so far in total

    1. I stand corrected!
      The trouble is from my viewpoint the southeast is so much bigger since we moved from Devon!
      I was just going to push out a rainfall chart for April.

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