BBC Meteogroup not using the UKMO model today

Courtesy of the BBC & UKMO

Spot the BBC forecast? You’re correct, it’s the one on the left, you can easily identify the one from the Met Office it’s the one with the map projection that shrinks Scotland and which they stubbornly refuse to put right.
Hopefully Nicola will put that right when she wins the referendum on independence and creates her own Scottish Met Office.
Back to the reason for this blog, and It’s quite apparent that BBC Meteogroup are not using the UKMO model today. The BBC model (ECMWF?) has none of the thick frontal medium and upper cloud that’s over western Scotland at present, the UKMO model does at least produce some cloud from the cold front and even generates some showery rain triggered by it across the high ground.

2 thoughts on “BBC Meteogroup not using the UKMO model today”

  1. BBC did mention the cloud and the possibility of showers. Re. the models, you give the impression that MO models are somehow a default option. They are not. ECMWF narrowly top for accuracy but up to decision on the day which is best to use and how to adapt. There can be a reluctance to acknowledge frontal cloud coming into far-western areas. View my own.

    1. No one will ever know if Meteogroup have a preferred model because they never identify which model the use in any of their forecasts. At least in the Sky forecast they acknowledge that the data is supplied by the Met Office so it’s safe to assume that it’s the UKMO model there using. That’s what Meteogroup should do at the BBC. I can’t see how the BBC or for that matter UKMO could object to that.

      As for the cold front I believe it split from the warm front further south and kept edging westward which would fit in with the wind veer and drop in temperature at Glascarnoch and Altnaharra during the afternoon.

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