BBC misleading graphics

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Why is it that the BBC still continue to mislead viewers regarding surface temperature in their graphics? As far as I can see in one of the charts that Louise Lear displayed in her 1257 UTC broadcast she was masquerading temperatures at 700 hPa as surface temperatures (see graphic below). Weathercasters do this quite regularly, obviously to add a more dramatic effect to their broadcasts. Normally in other charts shades of blue usually indicate various degrees (pardon the pun) of frost, but not so in this chart, where as far as I can tell temperatures are for 10,000 feet AMSL. If they clearly labelled that what they were displaying was the temperature at 10,000 feet rather than on the surface I wouldn’t have an issue with it, but they don’t, just as they refuse to state the source of the NWP data they’re using.

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