BBC regional presenters no better than national ones

Courtesy of BBC Scotland

The above screenshot was of Joy Dunlop at 4.15 PM yesterday afternoon presenting the weather forecast on BBC Scotland. I’ve come to realise that regional forecasts are not necessarily more accurate than national ones and yesterday they were both inaccurate. It’s not helped by the use of that ridiculous temperature map for towns and cities, and which I think Joy took too literally. If she gets confused what about the poor viewer?

Apologies to any of you who are absolutely fed up to the back teeth with me having a go at the BBC and Met Office forecasts yesterday for the north of Scotland. All I can say is if you don’t like it please unsubscribe, honest I wouldn’t blame you, or why not try the newsgroups or forums that cater for people interested in the weather and climate, I’ve heard they’re an absolute hoot. The primary reason why I blog now is to vent my spleen as regards things pertaining to the weather that rile me which yesterday’s forecast on TV surely did.

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