BBC Scotland just as bad

Courtesy BBC

With reference to my earlier moan about misleading temperatures in the 12.57 UTC forecast on the BBC news channel, I thought that I would check out what the Meteogroup forecaster at BBC Scotland was saying and displaying in the lunchtime news on BBC 1, and lo and behold they too are forecasting temperatures for Stornoway, Inverness and Aberdeen of 6, 8, and 9°C at 15 UTC, when already temperatures at 13 UTC are respectively 3, 0* and 3 at those particular places. Not only that the weathercaster is under the impression that this is a warm front kind of scenario where “warm air bumps into colder air” (which may happen on Wednesday). In reality is a story of colder air undercutting warm air, where rain turns to snow on the back edge of the cold front. TV regional weathercasters really have little excuse, they can hardly be run of their feet, and on a day like this should be paying even greater attention to observations and the graphics they use, I certainly wouldn’t have gone live with these. It maybe of course that these scripts and graphics are put together centrally at Meteogroup HQ for the local weathercaster to present – if they are someone needs a good rollicking.

*1350 METAR

Courtesy BBC
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