Bracing down the east coast with gusts of 58 knots at Donna Nook

Well done to the Met Office with their yellow wind warning for strong wind they issued yesterday, who says that I’m always critical of them? Although I will say they did leave the start time for the warning a little late, and the area could have been extended much further north, but no one is perfect. I will be the first to admit that hindsight is a wonderful thing, but there already have been gusts of 58 knots (67 mph) at Donna Nook in north Lincolnshire at 0900 BST. I also noticed that they have issued a yellow warning for heavy rain for parts of southeast Lincolnshire, north Norfolk and a huge area of the North Sea including the Wash. Today is certainly not a day to be out on the beach in your deckchair at Skegness.

Courtesy of UKMO

It’s hard to believe that just three days ago this part of eastern England had brilliant blue skies, wall to wall sunshine and maximum temperatures close to 26°C, but those are the vagaries of the British weather, and long may they continue.

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