Britain a proud seafaring nation with no idea of what the sea temperature is

It’s always puzzled me why the Met Office make no effort to display a chart of the sea surface temperatures around the coast of our sceptred Isle on it’s website. After all we are a group of islands in the eastern North Atlantic ocean and have always been proud to be called a seafaring nation who in the past ruled the waves. A chart of the latest SST around these waters you thought might be come in handy for the fishing industry or any holidaymaker venturing in for a dip. If the Met Office do have a chart of the latest SST then it’s well hidden. So when I spotted the SST chart from the Danish Meteorological Institute I immediately added it to my favourites folder – it’s not perfect for the British Isles – but beggars can’t be choosers – the question is why do we have to rely on the DMI to see the sea temperatures around our own coastline and not our own Met service?

The Met Office seem to have most weather parameters covered on their current website, but with no direct mention of the SST, although it does include a rather curious ‘Temperature Map’. Is this the elusive SST chart that I’m after? Or is it just the 2 metre surface temperature I can’t tell? And if it is why is there only a single 15°C dashed contour line visible that covers both land and sea?

It looks like a new website is coming but it seems to have taken rather a long time to emerge. Maybe it will include a chart of the latest SST’s? It does seem a long time for the Beta release to make it through to release though, October 2018 was almost ten months ago now. Perhaps I’ve got it wrong and the above screenshot is from the new website. But not to worry, Emily Hutton promises that our users come first, so rest assured that she has it all in hand.

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