Keep it simple

I don’t see how you can have dew points of 18°C and 19°C after the passage of a cold front, well to be exact the passage of an upper cold front inside a warm sector, then …

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A simplified analysis

I don’t know if you like me long for the return to a more simplified analysis of the North Atlantic chart from the UKMO, rather than the nephanalysis that it’s turned into in recent years, replete …

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Upper cold front

I have my doubts about just how much of the intense rain in the weather radar crossing Scotland at the moment is actually reaching the ground. With the paucity of observing stations it’s impossible to verify …

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April 2020 Analysis

You could almost use the midnight charts with an excessive number of fronts on them as a marker to when the Chief with a love of multiple warm sectors and occlusions was on shift. I can …

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Frontal analysis

I thought that I would just take a look back at the history of this pesky cold front that’s been quasi-stationary for much of the last five days over the northwest of Scotland and try and …

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