Frontal analysis

I thought that I would just take a look back at the history of this pesky cold front that’s been quasi-stationary for much of the last five days over the northwest of Scotland and try and get into the mind and thinking of the Great Oz Chief forecaster...

17 March 2020 – 15 UTC analysis

A flat warm front wave on the cold front running E’NE across Northern Ireland makes for an interesting plotted chart for 15 UTC today with a sharp temperature contrast north south across the UK. Looking forward to the brief anticyclonic spell this weekend when hopefully we might get...

The top and bottom of it

It’s around one degree here at the moment but it’s almost 14°C in Exeter at 09 UTC inside the warm front wave

Analysis – 0900 UTC

The most striking thing about the chart though are the wind gusts (in knots) being reported from just about every station in IONA apart from those in northeast Scotland at the moment. A few of the gusts in Lincolnshire are already in excess of 60 mph with higher to come.

Jetstream shield

I don’t know the exact technical term for this ‘shield’ of cloud is, other than calling it jet stream cirrus but I know its a harbinger of rapid development. I quite like shield of cloud that I’ve coined, who knows perhaps it’ll catch on.

Today’s cancelled warning

I was rather surprised that they didn’t cancel it earlier, and had thought they might leave the warning in force and brazen it out like they’ve done in the past, after all it is a rather windy day south of 53° north, and there have been a few lively gusts around.

Friday 29 November 2019

What’s that strange lump of cloud over southwest England? And can occlusions turn into cold fronts at will?