May 2020 – CET

May 2020 in central England was a very mild month with mean temperatures of 12.49°C, which was 1.33°C above the 1961-1990 LTA. The high number of very warm days that occurred during the second half of …

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Spring 2020 – CET

It is not that surprising that meteorological spring 2020 was yet another very mild affair when 30 out of the last 32 springs in central England were also above average. I made the mean temperature 9.88°C, …

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Cold days in May

Just looking back at some cold May days from the archives and I came across the second of May 1979, I can’t recall the cold start to that May, but the synoptic situation looks similar to …

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Spring has sprung!

I am bit late on this one, and it won’t come as a big surprise for people further south but spring has sprung, well at least in central England. It happened on the 17th of February …

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Monthly CET Charts

I’ve finally got around to publishing the latest charts of monthly central England temperatures for the whole year.

Why do some months warm faster than others?

Why is it that mean temperatures in January has been rising at almost a degree a decade for the last 248 years, whilst the temperature in June has remained static?

Yet another mild winter

As winter 2019-20 draws to an end, it looks like it will end up being the ninth mildest since 1772 in the central England series.

January 2020 in central England

January’s continue to warm in central England at the rate of +0.093°C per decade if you use a linear trend on the daily extreme data that started in 1878.

A look back at 2019 in central England

The super mild spell in February was responsible for nine of the fourteen new maximum temperature records set this year.

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