Cold days in May

Just looking back at some cold May days from the archives and I came across the second of May 1979, I can’t recall the cold start to that May, but the synoptic situation looks similar to …

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Why do some months warm faster than others?

Why is it that mean temperatures in January has been rising at almost a degree a decade for the last 248 years, whilst the temperature in June has remained static?

First day of winter

Temperatures were close to average this Autumn in central England, but it ended up being the coldest Autumn since 2012 in the latest provisional figures from the Met Office.

The weeks of our lives

A heatmap of mean temperature anomalies in central England for the last 3,615 weeks.

The cold June of 1972

The coldest June in the central England series was that of 1675 but what about June of 1972 which lies joint second coldest?

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