Winter 2019-20 in central England

Yet another very mild winter in central England, with a mean temperature of 6.15°C that was +2.07°C above the 1961-1990 LTA, making it the ninth mildest since 1772, and the mildest since 2015-16. This daily CET data is still provisional and could change very slightly at the start...

Spring has sprung!

I am bit late on this one, and it won’t come as a big surprise for people further south but spring has sprung, well at least in central England. It happened on the 17th of February and that’s a full 33 days earlier than it normally does on...

Winter [DJF] 2019-20 tenth mildest

Winter 2020 was the 10th warmest winter since 1659 in Central England. The mean temperature was 6.16°C which was +2.24°C above the 1772-2019 long-term average. Rather underwhelmingly it was the warmest winter since 2015-16, but it does add another 21st century winter to make it five in the...

Monthly CET Charts

I’ve finally got around to publishing the latest charts of monthly central England temperatures for the whole year.

Yet another mild winter

As winter 2019-20 draws to an end, it looks like it will end up being the ninth mildest since 1772 in the central England series.

January 2020 in central England

January’s continue to warm in central England at the rate of +0.093°C per decade if you use a linear trend on the daily extreme data that started in 1878.

2019 nineteenth warmest since 1659

The annual linear trend of mean temperatures over the last 50 years indicates a slope of +0.219°C per decade that’s well over a full two degrees of temperature rise per century.

First day of winter

Temperatures were close to average this Autumn in central England, but it ended up being the coldest Autumn since 2012 in the latest provisional figures from the Met Office.