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Spring 2019 over three weeks early in central England

According to my method of calculating the first day of spring using accumulated mean temperatures, the first day of spring was thanks to a record very mild end to February, was over three weeks early on the 26th of February this year (2019). Not a record, but nonetheless very early and forcing the linear trend from 1772 down slightly steeper, so that springs on average are arriving 20 days earlier than they did 247 years ago.

Gordon Manley

The warmest and coldest 30 day spells since 1772

Warm and cold spells don’t always correspond with the start and end of any particular month and that’s true of the monthly CET series devised by Gordon Manley. The daily series, which is maintained by the Met Office extends back to 1772, is even more useful, so I set about writing some code to look for the warmest and coldest 30 day spell (or any other arbitrary length period) from within the series. When I did that I found that the table was cluttered with overlapping periods that occurred just prior to and after the coldest 30 days. To do...

Hot summers in Central England

There was a lot of talk in the media last year about the summers heat wave (2018) and comparisons with 1976. Here is a table of the top thirty warmest seven day periods since 1772 that I have extracted from the daily Central England Temperature [CET] series maintained by the Met Office that helps put things into perspective (figure 1). I would normally not display temperature to the nearest hundredth of a degree, but it is useful when doing comparisons using ranking. As you can see this summers heat wave ranked only 21st in a list where any overlapping periods...