High Keywan set for a long stay

It looks like high Keywan, as the BIM have named it, will stick around in the central Atlantic right out till day ten if this ECMWF hi-res forecast proves correct. It’s forecast to be as intense as 1053 hPa as it moves northwest by the weekend, before slowly...

Another 1050+ high

It will be interesting to see if the above forecast from the ECMWF plays out and we do seen an intense high of over 1050 hPa becoming established to the west of Scotland by the weekend. If it does this will be the second time this has happened...

Equinox sunshine

The vernal equinox occurred precisely at 0349 UTC this morning and to help celebrate the fact it’s been another sunny start with Mediterranean blue skies across many northern parts of the country. Pressure has continued to build strongly overnight and the barometer has now topped 1037 hPa across...

Signs of something more anticyclonic on the way

The midnight run of the ECMWF hi-resolution model does have the signs of something more anticyclonic coming along by early next week. It’s been hinting about a brief northerly outbreak followed by high pressure building in from the west in its previous runs, but now that it’s getting...

February 2020 – circulation

Not that dissimilar to January, February continued the powerful zonal westerly regime that had begun back in December. Mean pressure anomalies continued to be well below average to the north of IONA, with anomalies of -22 hPa in the Barents Sea, and +7 hPa over the Balearic Islands....

No respite

There seems to be no end in sight, at least in the short term, to this mobile spell of westerly weather that started after what were just a few brief days of anticyclonic weather at the beginning of February, that’s according to the latest NWP rum of the...

Pressure check

The mild, wet and windy continues without let up, let’s hope March brings a much needed anticyclonic spell.

The reason why it’s been so mild

High pressure over France and lower than average pressure to the north of Iceland puts the squeeze on the southwesterly flow across latitude 55 degrees north.

Roller coaster temperatures

I just long for a ‘spell’ of weather, and by that I mean a week or more of the same type of weather, and I suppose that’s exactly what I’ve got a spell of mobile cyclonic weather.

The reasons for the mild December

If you want the reason why Moscow was so mild during December 2019 then look no further than the surface pressure chart for the month and you’ll see a straight W’SW flow from 60° west right across to 50° east.