Mid June report

The first thing I can say about the circulation in the first half of June 2020 is that if it had been a January it would have been one hell of a cold and snowy one, …

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May 2020 – circulation

It’s easy to see why May 2020 was so sunny and dry and relatively warm, with anomalies of 6 hPa across central England May’s like this don’t come along that often at all.

March 2020 – circulation

The mean pressure chart for March 2020 has calmed down considerably on previous months. Large positive anomalies (+7hPa) across the Azores beefed up the resident Azores high, whilst there were very large negative anomalies, far to …

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…out like a lamb

March 2020 did start off windy enough, coming in rather lion like with the remains of storm Jorge the French and Spanish named, even though it was probably a lot windier here in the UK than …

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Another 1050+ high

It will be interesting to see if the above forecast from the ECMWF plays out and we do seen an intense high of over 1050 hPa becoming established to the west of Scotland by the weekend. …

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Equinox sunshine

The vernal equinox occurred precisely at 0349 UTC this morning and to help celebrate the fact it’s been another sunny start with Mediterranean blue skies across many northern parts of the country. Pressure has continued to …

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No respite

There seems to be no end in sight, at least in the short term, to this mobile spell of westerly weather that started after what were just a few brief days of anticyclonic weather at the …

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Pressure check

The mild, wet and windy continues without let up, let’s hope March brings a much needed anticyclonic spell.

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