Haar, haar, haar

For the last three days the haar that’s been adffecting the east coast of England and Scotland has been stubborn to clear. Here in easter Ross it took till almost tea time yesterday before it finally …

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Finally a blue sky day

Blue skies haven’t seemed to have lasted for very long in the north of Scotland this spring, there always seems to be a unending queue of frontal systems waiting in the wings invading the sky often …

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Cap cloud

I saw this recent video on Instagram of a cap cloud (Pileus in meteorological parlance) on top of Mount Fuji in Japan and thought how wonderful it looked, and wondered how the view was from the …

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Goodbye fine spell

Things are on the change as from today across most of the country, as the anticyclonic block that’s been resident with us for the last eight days or so to the west of Norway, finally retreats …

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Rope of cloud

Answers on a postcard about what’s behind this feature.

Decorating the sky

A fascinating video of clouds and sky from NASA

Wave cloud

A day of very low dew points on the mountain tops.

Line of CB’s in Moray Firth

An interesting cloud feature visible from both land, space and weather radar.

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