If you don’t know what the acronym GloFAS stands for then join the club, neither did I until today. Here is an explanation from their own website about who they are and what they do. The Global Flood Awareness System GloFAS is the global flood service of the European...

A tale of two warnings

The only reason that I can see why almost identical warnings were issued for heavy rain across central Wales and central northern England, one amber and the other yellow, is that the Met Office thought that river Severn was more sensitive to more heavy rain than the rivers...

Impacts and likelihoods of rainfall from storm Dennis

No one of course care’s about the minutiae of what the various warnings that were issued, in the final analysis it probably made little difference in alerting people to the chances of flooding, because the media have been all over this story for days, with flocks of TV reporters already vying for best positions along the river Taff in south Wales to capture all the details.

Rainfall analysis – 9 February 2020

There certainly was a large area of rainfall accumulations of 50-75 mm and within that smaller areas of 75-100 mm in the 24 hours. No wonder there was flooding at Hebden Bridge.

Venice floods

Flooding from exceptionally high tides in Venice exacerbated by low pressure in the Adriatic and easterly winds.

The curate’s egg

Remarkably none of the torrential rain across northeast Scotland was thundery in nature, despite there being a yellow warning in force for thunderstorms.