High Keywan set for a long stay

It looks like high Keywan, as the BIM have named it, will stick around in the central Atlantic right out till day ten if this ECMWF hi-res forecast proves correct. It’s forecast to be as intense as 1053 hPa as it moves northwest by the weekend, before slowly...

Named storms and the Gale Index

This has to have been been the windiest autumn/winters of the last four across the IONA. There have been fived named storms up until going to press, three of them in February alone when it was particularly stormy, especially so at weekends for some reason. The bar chart...

Stormy winter

This winter so far has a Gale Index of 30.3, the third highest of any winter since 1871, and not too far behind the memorable stormy winter of 2013-14.

1912 the most cyclonic June

This June has already started on a very cyclonic note, and interestingly there are already five June’s from this century already in the top twelve, with June 2012 ranked as second highest.

May 1896 most anticyclonic

Looking at the Jenkinson Lamb objective weather data from the CRU at the UEA, I find that May 1896 was the most anticyclonic across the British isles in the record that started in 1871. I’ve gauged this on the combined frequency of the daily anticyclonic or hybrid anticyclonic...