Snow for auld reekie?

The Met Office must be very confident in their mesoscale model, because rather surprisingly they are not expecting much in the way of impacts from snow away from the higher ground of the southern uplands and Cumbria (updated).

A ‘muddle’ of models

Now that we have waved a fond farewell to Ciara it’s now time to cast our gaze forward to later in the week.

Sunday at T+36

The tightening of the flow across western Scotland looks threatening

Sunday at T+48

A look at the latest NWP forecast charts for Sunday.

Light, or is that white at the end of the tunnel?

There are signs of a change in type at long last, and things could be about to turn more meridional towards the last week of January across the IONA. It’s a shame that it all came to nothing.

Zonal or meridional?

Will this anticyclonic spell give way to a zonal or meridional type?

Highest pressure in January

The highest surface pressure in the month of January in the UK was 1053.6 hpa not a lot of people know that.

A mobile Christmas

A look at the weather over Christmas based on the midnight run of the ECMWF model widely regarded as the best numerical weather prediction model in the world. I would like to display the latest run of the Met Office model but they like to keep it secret.

Chances of white Christmas go up

After a short mild spell there may be light, or should that be white, at the end of the tunnel.

Cold spell ends before it’s even begun

Don’t you just hate it when some TV weather presenter tells you that the cold spell that hasn’t even started yet, is going to end by next Thursday

Winter drawers on

The end of November ends on a wintry note as cold northerly winds follow Sebastien later this week.

Latest forecast from ECMWF

high pressure is still persisting north of Iceland and over Greenland in this forecast from the ECMWF

UKMO end up following ECMWF lead

It does make you wonder just how well the UKMO models does in comparison to our European neighbours.

A divergence of opinion

What’s the chart for next Friday going to look like?

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