Snow for auld reekie?

The Met Office must be very confident in their mesoscale model, because rather surprisingly they are not expecting much in the way of impacts from snow away from the higher ground of the southern uplands and Cumbria (updated).

A ‘muddle’ of models

Now that we have waved a fond farewell to Ciara it’s now time to cast our gaze forward to later in the week.

Amber warning for tomorrow expanded

If I were the chief I would be getting the heebeegeebees about the winds tomorrow across the central belt of Scotland.

Sunday at T+36

The tightening of the flow across western Scotland looks threatening

Sunday at T+48

A look at the latest NWP forecast charts for Sunday.

Brendan faster, deeper

Call it delusions of grandeur if you like, but sometimes I get the distinct impression that someone down in the forecasting office in Exeter does occasionally read some of the stuff I write on xmetman.

Poor ICON forecast

Put it down to too much schnapps…

Low Ailton not playing ball

Possibility of gales along the channel coast as low Ailton continues to deepen.

Belle and Sébastien

I don’t know why the Americans opted for a French name in their list of tropical cyclones this year, perhaps they have partnered up with Meteo France in another name that storm collaboration.

A wet weekend ahead

Forecast of a wet weekend and screen resolutions…

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