Another 1050+ high

It will be interesting to see if the above forecast from the ECMWF plays out and we do seen an intense high of over 1050 hPa becoming established to the west of Scotland by the weekend. If it does this will be the second time this has happened...

Brendan faster, deeper

Call it delusions of grandeur if you like, but sometimes I get the distinct impression that someone down in the forecasting office in Exeter does occasionally read some of the stuff I write on xmetman.

A windy Monday next week

Monday certainly looks like it will be very windy so it’s a fair bet that this could be named storm Brendan if Met Eireann have anything to do with it. Tuesday has the potential for being even windier across southern area as the secondary low looks well placed for rapid development.


On Wednesday the pressure difference in the forecast charts between the Greenland ice cap and the low in the Denmark straits is 61 hPa.

Winter drawers on

The end of November ends on a wintry note as cold northerly winds follow Sebastien later this week.