Sunny day in Lerwick

Despite a cloudy evening Lerwick still managed 14.6 hours of sunshine yesterday (15th of June) to be the sunniest place in IONA. Sunrise is at 0238 UTC and sunset 2132 UTC so there is almost 19 …

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Snow in June

Snow on the mountains of Scotland in June, not unheard of, but quite a contrast to the warm spell that we saw at the end of May. Low Juliane is making her effects felt across the …

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See the cold front

It’s not that often that you can trace the cold front in both the weather radar and satellite images as well as in the plotted observations so clearly, but you can with today’s that’s currently close …

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Cold days in May

Just looking back at some cold May days from the archives and I came across the second of May 1979, I can’t recall the cold start to that May, but the synoptic situation looks similar to …

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Lee low

Plenty of lee wave effects across the north of Scotland this afternoon visible on both the plotted chart and in satellite imagery, and some very low dew point air coming down off the Cairngorms with relative …

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Manston 15.6°C cooler than yesterday

Many places in the southeast between ten and fifteen degrees colder at 12 UTC than they were on Easter Sunday at the same time.

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