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Rather fittingly for the first day of meteorological autumn a number of nearby stations across the north of Scotland are in the top ten warmest places on what is rather a pleasant afternoon.

Heathrow 35.7°C at 12 UTC

The temperature at that mass of concrete and tarmac that we lovingly know as Heathrow Airport has now reached 35.7°C, and who knows if 37°C isn’t possible before mid afternoon.

Heathrow Airport 34.6°C at 11 UTC

The temperature has rocketed up to 34.6°C by 1050 UTC this morning at Heathrow Airport, at this rate a maximum of 36°C or higher looks on the cards in a number of places.

Rainfall from low Dana

This is a chart of rainfall accumulations for the last 24 hours (06-06 UTC) derived from the five minute weather radar images from the UKMO DataPoint web service. Low Dana certainly put a bit of rain …

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Sunny day in Lerwick

Despite a cloudy evening Lerwick still managed 14.6 hours of sunshine yesterday (15th of June) to be the sunniest place in IONA. Sunrise is at 0238 UTC and sunset 2132 UTC so there is almost 19 …

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Snow in June

Snow on the mountains of Scotland in June, not unheard of, but quite a contrast to the warm spell that we saw at the end of May. Low Juliane is making her effects felt across the …

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See the cold front

It’s not that often that you can trace the cold front in both the weather radar and satellite images as well as in the plotted observations so clearly, but you can with today’s that’s currently close …

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