Sea Ice

MOSAiC expedition flushed out of Arctic

It seems to me that although the MOSAiC expedition may end up being a huge success as far as a collaborative scientific mission goes, it missed the most important aspect (to me at least) of reaching and crossing the North Pole, and now the Polar Stern seems to...

A quick dip in Arctic sea ice

The better start to the Arctic sea ice extent season didn’t last too long because of a week or so of large daily losses during the second half of March, which look like they seem to have stopped for now. Otherwise sea ice extents are the 8th lowest...

Arctic Sea Ice – highest since 2012-13

As far as I can see from the SII data that I download from the NSIDC, it looks like the Arctic sea ice season 2019-20 has returned the highest maximum sea ice extent in seven years to confound many of the experts. Admittedly a lot of the sea...

Antarctic Sea Ice : 2019-20

I think we can safely say that the season minimum in the Antarctic has now been passed on the 19th of February, a couple of days earlier than average, with a minimum sea ice extent of 2.656 million square kilometres in the SII data that I download from...

Highest sea ice extent since 2015

The Arctic sea ice extent on the 11th of February was the highest for that date since 2015. The total had climbed to within two standard deviations of average and was only 3.8% below the 1988-2016 LTA for that date, which is quite remarkable given that it started from the second lowest minimum on record back in September,

Super mild Europe and Russia

Mean temperatures across Russia have continued to be well above average so far this January as they were in December.

Will it slide like in 2012?

The big question is will the Arctic sea extent slide away like it did in the summer of 2012 or take a shallower trajectory?

Polar sea ice extent since 1990

I have always thought that following sea ice extent using daily SII values from the NSIDC was not a good idea. Even following weekly, monthly or seasonal extremes didn’t seem to simplify the ‘noise’ that you got with line graph or bar chart. That’s why in my opinion...