Probably a total coincidence but…

It is probably a total coincidence, but the colder SST anomalies that invaded our western Atlantic shores from late June did seem to coincide with the poor July across the country.

The quality of SST charts

These wonderful SST products (above) that I’ve been downloading and using for year from this National Center for Ocean Forecasting [NCOF] website, maintained for them by the Met Office, have unfortunately stopped being produced from the …

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Haar, haar, haar

For the last three days the haar that’s been adffecting the east coast of England and Scotland has been stubborn to clear. Here in easter Ross it took till almost tea time yesterday before it finally …

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The warmth continues

There seems to be no respite in the exceptional warmth that we have seen across much of Europe, Scandinavia and western Russia this winter. Mean temperature anomalies for the first thirteen days of March are close …

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Second Pacific warm blob

All we need now is a warm blob to suddenly occur of the coast of Japan and for Godzilla to make an appearance!

South Pacific Hot Spot

A closer look at the South Pacific hot spot off the east coast of New Zealand

Return of the blob

Is it time to bring Captain Nemo or perhaps Troy Tempest out of retirement to investigate the cause of the latest warm blob in the Pacific ocean?

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