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Hello again…

You can always tell when you’re listening to a taped weather forecast on the BBC news channel. For instance Carol Kirkwood always starts the …

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Why do storms get named?

I found this very informative article about why we name storms on the BBC News website and thought I would like to share it with you.

Heavy snow strands drivers overnight on M74

To be fair to the Met Office I did think the yellow warning mentioned the possibility of 15 cm of snow above 300 M which would have been enough to block the M74 at the Beattock summit.

xmetman forecasts CO2 to hit 416.83 ppm by May

It’s when the rise in CO2 levels ever starts to falter and diminish that we should start to get excited, then we will know that changes introduced in some countries across the world has started to have a real effect.

Weather World goes to Cambridge

If the Met Office are serious about how accurately they measure temperature across the UK, why didn’t they just ask the Botanic gardens there to relocate the screen away from the buildings?

Hurricane Katrina

I don’t believe it!

Another attempt by climate scientist to find the holy grail by linking AGW to an increase in damaging hurricanes – but have they?

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