Named Storms

Storm Francis – Wind

A few more observational details regarding the winds on the 25th August 2020 associated with storm Francis

Storm Myriam

I reckon that this low in the Bay of Biscay at 12 UTC today is storm Myriam. At the moment it’s bringing north westerly gales to San Sebastian and the northeast coast of Spain. Rather surprisingly …

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Storm Jorge

Now that’s what you call a bent back occlusion!

What stops the Spanish doing it again?

As far as I can see if AEMet expect coastal communities in Galicia to experience a spell of strong winds with gusts in excess of 80 kph and issue an amber alert this may well trigger the naming of a storm even though the storm center may be over 1500 kilometres away as has happened with storm Jorge.

A tricky question

I wonder how far Met Eireann would get if they treated the people who lived in countries Mayo or Donegal like the Met Office treat the people who live in the north and west of Scotland?

How to pronounce Jorge

Now that the Spanish have muscelled into our territorial waters we may never have to name a storm again!

Storm naming game gets even more farcical

The Spanish Met Service AEMET have surprised everyone in naming this weekend’s low storm Jorge, which as far as I can see won’t impact Spain with much in the way of severe weather at all.

The great Oz has spoken!

The Met Office have finally sprung into action and have this morning, and rather belatedly in my opinion when compared to their hair trigger like response in the naming of storms Ciara and Dennis, issued a yellow warning for strong winds across Scotland for Monday.

Confident enough about the rain but not the wind

By this time last week the Met Office had already issued an amber warning for rain and had named a storm. Monday looks a little more problematic, but that hasn’t stopped them issuing a yellow warning for heavy rain, but what about the wind?

Models in a quandary about Monday

If the Met Office are too frit to name it storm Ellen, then Met Eireann might jump in and do it for them.

A candidate for Storm Ellen

The Met Office have been making a big play about how they spotted an embryonic Dennis developing in a two hundred knot jet stream of the eastern seaboard of America five or six days out, so let’s see how they do with this one.

Gnasher has one last go

A windy night across large parts of IONA as we say a fond farewell to storm Dennis and his dog!

Dennis is not the problem, it’s Gnasher you have to watch out for!

Storm Dennis is making a bit of a pirouette to the north of Scotland during Sunday, and if these forecast charts are correct will take another swipe at the north of Scotland as Gnasher tightens the flow in the early hours of Monday morning.

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